“Hannah is amazing! I don’t really understand what magic she is working, but I can feel it continuing to help me for days after each treatment. My first treatment made a profound difference in my concussion symptoms. And our weekly sessions are making life much more manageable.” -S.F.

“Hannah Simonetti has been practicing BCST on me throughout the course of her training.  Either her training has been excellent, or she has a special gift for BCST, or both!  I’ve suffered from chronic low back pain and back spasms for years. I can feel the tension release from my back muscles during the session and this effect lasts for days.  ‘Facilitated relaxation’ is probably the best way to describe it.  I wish that I could make it in more frequently for sessions.” -O.P.S.

“I recently got a craniosacral therapy session from Spiral Path Therapies and it was truly eye-opening. I became so aware of tensions I’d been holding and could actually feel my body start to sort itself out. Internal physical communication and restoration in a very real way. Highly recommend. Thank you Hannah!!!” -G.G.

“I’ve received craniosacral therapy from Hannah for almost two years. I cannot say enough amazing things about Hannah (as a person, a healer, and as a craniosacral therapist). I’ve had such powerful and transformative experiences on her table, and have felt completely safe and supported the entire time. I’ve been able to access important information about myself, deepen and re-establish my relationship with myself in important ways, and work through past trauma and unhelpful patterns pertaining to the trauma. I really appreciate Hannah’s attention to detail, her wealth of knowledge, and her gentle care and compassion. I continue to walk away from her sessions feeling grounded, connected and inspired.
Last fall I saw Hannah weekly while partaking in my first semester of a rigorous graduate program. I was unhappy in my program and constantly stressed. My craniosacral sessions with Hannah greatly supported me in re-connecting with myself during a time when I felt otherwise very disconnected. It is within these sessions I connected enough with my body to realize I was not pursuing a path that was true for me, and that I needed to redirect myself towards work that brings me into my body and into connection with other people. I’m now well on a new path and I couldn’t be more thrilled 🙂 It was in my weekly craniosacral sessions with Hannah that I was able to identify my truth and re-direct myself. I’m so grateful to have been able to work with Hannah during this difficult time, and I’m excited to continue to work with her!” -J.M.