NOTE: Spiral Path Therapies has moved to Columbus, OH! Hannah is attending the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Ohio State with the hopes of becoming a trauma-informed pelvic floor therapist. Their practice is closed for the moment, but may be re-opening in Columbus in 2022 or 2023. The product line is still available on Etsy and at Kindred Market in Athens, OH.

INTRODUCTORY PRICING as of August 1, 2019

60-minute appointment: $65

10 minutes of updating me on what has been happening in your physical and emotional experience, a 40 minute Craniosacral Therapy session, and then 10 minutes to wake up and debrief at the end

90-minute appointment: $90

10-15 minutes for discussion before and after the session, as well as a full hour-long Craniosacral Therapy session

Low-income Option:

I keep 2 slots open for low-income clients each week. Please contact me for details.