About My Work

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) is a form of energy work that deeply relaxes the nervous system, allowing the body to release tension, resolve long-held trauma patterns, improve alignment, recover from injuries, let go of anxiety and stress, and relieve pain.

BCST works on several layers of the body: the tissue layer, the fluid layer, and the energetic layer. Together, the attention of the practitioner and the trust of the client create a safe field that allows the natural, ever-present Health of the client’s system to emerge. That Health expresses by resolving physical and emotional tension patterns held in the body, which then frees up energy in the body that was previously used to stabilize the tension forces. Over time, the client feels a noticeable difference in their experience. This may include an increased sense of wellness, more awareness of their body, and more energy to put toward the pursuit of the life they desire.

Many of my clients see me for pain: chronic pain patterns, acute discomfort, and old or recent injuries. I have been able to help folks with shoulder, back, hip, knee, ankle, and wrist pain; headaches and neck pain; jaw pain and tension. Often, clients receive immediate relief after a single session. For longer-standing challenges, regular sessions may be required to make lasting changes in the client’s system.

I also enjoy working with folks who are experiencing emotional symptoms, especially anxiety and stress patterns due to trauma. Clients report that my work helps them to feel less stressed, more able to relax, and more embodied. So many of us live most of our lives in Fight or Flight mode, with our sympathetic nervous system activated to prepare us for threats that never seem to dissipate. Over time, regular BCST sessions can help re-wire the brain to feel safe relaxing. This will eventually create a deep sense of safety that can drastically improve the quality of someone’s life.


What to Expect:

The Craniosacral Therapy session takes place on a massage table. You remain clothed for the entire appointment. You should wear clothing that you’re comfortable lying down in.

The session is like a facilitated relaxation session. I place my hands lightly on various stations on your body in order to “listen” to what is happening in the tissues, fluids, and energy of your system. You may feel as though your body is very heavy, notice energy moving in your body, have twitches, or experience other physical sensations. You may feel as though you are in a dream-state, or even fall asleep. Most people find this to be extremely relaxing, and feel deeply nourished after getting off the table.